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The Solar Revolution In South Africa Is Sparking Some Economic Hope

The Solar Revolution In South Africa Is Sparking Some Economic Hope


Blackouts, imposed by state-owned provider Eskom, is intended to ‘preserve the grid from collapse, but the frequency of outages hit a new high this year, and as of August, the utility’s energy availability factor — a measure of how much energy the grid can manage — was at 60%.

What this implies is that more than a third of the power supply was unavailable to customers, while at the same time, Eskom has continued to raise energy prices to cover its mounting expenditures. This is not good for anyone, least of all the economy.

With no tangible solutions on the horizon, South Africans are increasingly turning to renewable energy, and the private sector as a whole has begun stepping in to help with financing options to encourage people to move ‘off the grid’.

As bad as the news may sound, this new push towards solar power has been good for the economy in some ways. The International Monetary Fund predicts that South Africa’s national economy will grow by 1.9% in 2024 — up from an anticipated 0.9% this year. Much of this is thanks to the boom of solar energy solutions.

An innovative solar provider that has come to the rescue with solar financing options, is Versofy Solar. Versofy are our partners in keeping our ‘lights always on’ providing Solar As A Service (SAAS) solar energy solutions – assisting the massive increase in South Africans looking to kick the Eskom habit.

As ‘ordinary South Africans’ are also battling price increases on many other fronts, the cost that comes with a solar installation is often just beyond reach. Versofy’s solution to this has been their massively successful Solar Rentals which allows homes to tap into the sun with affordable leasing. This means they do the installations and monitoring and you just experience load-shedding-free nights (and days).

Versofy is currently also running a promo with NO activation or usage fees in 2023. This effectively gives you 2 months of free use of the system, with your debit only kicking in after December. This is only valid for the first 2023 clients, so act fast!

In addition to the promo, and yet another reason to get in touch with them, they have launched a Referral Program to give you some cash back in your pocket. For every completed install on a referral, you can earn a token of their appreciation for helping more South Africans become energy independent. This appreciation comes monthly with a R1 000 cash payout for every successful referral, and increases with the more friends you help get solar


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