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China’s LONGi to Introduce “Hi-MO 6” Solar Cells to Moroccan Market – EQ Mag

China’s LONGi to Introduce “Hi-MO 6” Solar Cells to Moroccan Market – EQ Mag


The new solar cells reportedly have high efficiency which is key to securing sustainable and efficient energy transition.

Rabat : The world’s largest solar module manufacturer LONGi plans to introduce its new generation of solar cells “Hi-MO 6” to the Moroccan market, according to Regional Sales Manager Ahmad Alkhufash.

The Chinese manufacturer unveiled the new high-efficiency hybrid passivate back contact cell (HPBC) technology on November 2 in Egypt. The model, according to LONGi, achieves maximum efficiency of 22.8% in mass production.

A week later, the Chinese solar giant set a new world record for the efficiency of silicon solar cells estimated at 26.81% for mass production.

“This outstanding achievement,” the ‘Father of photovoltaics’ Martin Green said, “will be included in the next version of efficiency tables published in the progress in photovoltaics.”

By introducing competitive solar technology, LONGi is leading competition with large manufacturers of solar panels in China, Canada, and the US.

With an annual production capacity of 30 Gigawatt (GW) of high-efficiency solar wafers and modules, the Xi’an-based manufacturer is competing with Shanghai’s JinkoSolar, Chagnzou’s Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, and Seoul’s Hanwha Solutions Corporation.

LONGi’s utility-scale, industrial, residential, and hydrogen solutions are available in numerous countries including Morocco. However, the company plans to further expand its footprint in Africa and the Middle East to offset competition.

The growing regional interest in investing in renewable energy infrastructure provides an additional incentive and growth opportunity for the Chinese giant and its “Hi-MO 6” model.

Recent collective efforts to boost energy decarbonization in Africa represented in the green hydrogen alliance and investment deals concluded on the sidelines of COP 27 highlight the need for purchasing more efficient solar and wind technology to address the energy crisis at home and in Europe.

In this context, LONGi wishes to increase its market share in the MENA region, reinforcing its global position as a manufacturer of solar solutions as well as electrolyzers.

Source: moroccoworldnews